4MW solar farm on land at Primrose Hill Farm

A planning application for a 4MW solar farm on land at Primrose Hill Farm, near Wragby in Lincolnshire, will shortly be submitted to East Lindsey District Council.

Primrose Hill, run by Stephen and Julie Rhodes is an organic chicken farm rearing several thousand chickens who can roam the surrounding fields.

The vast majority of the solar farm is open space and therefore is a perfect fit for the farm, giving the chickens space to roam under and around the panels, on fields which were previously not available to them. The Rhodes family are excited about the prospect of the solar farm giving them more space for the chickens, strengthening their existing business, whilst helping to diversify the farm income for the next generation of Rhodes family members.

The solar farm will provide the local electricity needs of almost 1,100 average UK households and will save in the region of 1,900 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

For further information please:
Download the information booklet which has been circulated to Primrose Hill customers.

Contact us via email at:
In due course more information will be available on the project website and the East Lindsey District Council planning website.

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